The performance sports eyewear specialist Julbo has announced EVAD-1, the first ActiveLook powered glasses, at SILMO, the International Optical & Eyewear Industry Trade Fair in Paris.

Julbo – ActiveLook EVAD-1

Julbo has released some information about EVAD-1: Price : 499€, preorders starting in November 2019, product shipping in February 2020

EVAD-1 details

This product launch was one of the highlight of the SILMO! There was a large turnout both at Julbo’s booth and at the joint conference on the EVAD-1 project inception given by Julbo, the ActiveLook team at Microoled and Materialise, our partner for the 3D printing of frames.

EVAD-1 conference at SILMO Next, the place to understand the future of eyewear.